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Rainwater Collection:
Green Cabin Kits and Rainwater Management Solutions are partnering to bring rainwater collection solutions to you.

Before you call
Please fill out the information below. This will enable us to best respond with the information you seek. We do NOT permanently collect this information, we respect your privacy!
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  4. Will your usage be for potable or non-potable consumption?
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  5. Irrigation of water hungry lawns is generally not possible or cost effective.  A typical 1/4 acre lot has ~ 11,000 sq ft with a house of say 2000 sq ft of roof.  There is no possible way to collect enough.  You can however, design the drainage of the non roof area to maximize the water for shrubs and trees.

    Rainwater collection is a big math problem.  How much you will use versus how much storage versus how large of a collection area versus average annual rainfall.

    The basic variables are roof area (as viewed from directly above) and expected annual rainfall These two will give you the amount of water you can expect to collect.  Now you work to get an average daily available water and determine storage size based on how many days usage you want to have in reserve.  Compare this with the "conservation minded" rainwater collector usage per person of a minimum of 30 gallons per day. This will let you know if you have parameters that will work.  For conservative and "easy" calculations figure on 500 gallons collected on 1000 sqft of roof when it rains 1 inch.

    Your roof area:
    Your annual rainfall:

With the above information we can contact you to better discuss your needs.
Rainfilters of Texas is open Monday-Friday, 9-5, Texas time. We look forward to meeting you and discussing rainwater collection in more detail.

Best regards,

Joe Wheeler
Rainfilters of Texas