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Modern Kits is happy to provide links to important green / responsible farming resources. Education is good for everyone!

Farming: Green Resources- Greywater, Green Incentives, What other states and countries are doing
Crop Roller    Timeless Farm Tools   PMU

Crop Roller
Introducing a cover crop roller without all the drawbacks of a stalk chopper. Here’s the story of how good neighbors designed and constructed a front-mounted cover-crop roller that allows you to knock down a weed-suppressing mat and plant through it, all in one quick pass! Learn more at

Farm Tools: Great, Timeless Tools
I understand the advantages of technology. But sometimes these non-electric tools are perfect for a job that doesn't neccessitate dragging out the huge equipment from the barn. Plus, even if you're a farmer- we all can use the exercise! ; )

Want to see kitchen and home/garden appliances? Click here for wood burning kitchen stoves, energy efficient refrigerators, non-electric "vacuums" (floor sweepers), yogurt makers, meat grinders and more.

PMU Horse Rescue Programs
From Wikipedia: Premarin is the commercial name for compound drug consisting primarily of conjugated estrogens. Isolated from mare's urine (PREgnant MARes' urINe), it is manuactured by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and has been marketed since 1942.

Premarin is the subject of some contention. Animal rights activists claim that animal husbandry and urine collection methods used in Premarin's production cause undue stress and suffering to the mares involved.[1] Additionally, it is proposed that there is an overabundance of poorly bred foals produced by Pregnant Mare Urine (PMU) farms each year. Since larger horses produce more urine, most Premarin mares are draft horses. PMU farmers want to produce smaller foals to reduce feed costs therefore most Premarin mares are bred to lighter saddle horse stallions rather than draft stallions. The draft cross foals that result are poorly bred and while often make good riding horses are not in great demand by the general riding public. As with cross bred dogs (mutts), there are more cross-bred horses than there is demand for them. Some PMU farms attempt to increase the value of their foals by breeding their production mares with good quality and/or "colored" stallions (stallions which are likely to produce interestingly colored offspring like paints or palominos). However, some PMU horses - colored or not - end up bound for slaughter houses to become horse meat for human or animal consumption.

PMU and the ASPCA are two organizations addressing the placement and adoption out of PMU horses.