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The Urban Cabin CornerHouse:
What?! You think Cabins are only rural? Think again.

This sleek expandable prefab house is at home on the land -or- on the perfect urban lot with southern exposure, hence the name, CornerHouse.

Note the house is sited south on the corner, not on a building face.

Like a Rhinestone Cowboy, this Mod Cabin combines street savvy style with passive solar energy efficiency design that tips its hat to a more natural, open setting... Bringin' cabin outdoors-in philosophy to a smart growth urban corner lot or preserved open space near you.

Urban passive solar corner house!
Cottage plans furthered with SIP! Eco-friendly cottage!
two story cabin with modern design
SIP cabin stackable, expandable pods


Well suited for both urban and rural sites, CornerHouse promotes passive solar heating and natural ventilation with its large veranda and glazed wall on the building's corner. Like The Dogtrot Mod, the CornerHouse cladding and roof system are integral to the building's performance, deflecting direct heat gain in the warmer months and lengthening the life span of materials through proper ventilation.

In layout, an open floor plan on the first level with a shared living, dining, and kitchen space gives the interior a sense of grandeur while minimizing the building's overall footprint. Upstairs, as second porch is shared between the master bedroom and an office, which can easily be converted to a third bedroom.

CornerHouse is designed to accommodate many exterior cladding options, including natural wood species, metal, cement fiberboard, and photovoltaic cells. Interiors can be upfit as desired with custom cabinetry or can utilize Ikea's modular cabinet systems.

Cottage plans furthered with SIP! Eco-friendly cottage!

Contact us to discuss CornerHouse! Pricing includes design documents and Structural Insulated Panels for roof and walls and is subject to change.
Distributor prices can vary by region as the cost of labor + materials changes.