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Green Cabin Kits: Big Design, Small Footprint Prefab Homes
 Net zero passive solar modern prefab house kits
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. How do I order a Modern prefab house kit?
A. Easy! Just contact us!
That starts the dialogue - so we can give you the information you need, answer the questions you have, and start the process to begin your energy efficient house kit journey.

Q. Does this Modern Cabin come complete?
A. No. : )

These cabins are shop fabricated building systems adaptable in size and appearance for endless programmatic requirements. SIPS construction allows strength for transportation while creating a highly energy efficient building envelope.  Owners can customize the layout and extent of the system with their contractor to meet their programmatic needs.  Cladding and roofing can be customized to accommodate varying climatic and contextual situations. 

Q. How much does the kit cost?
A. It varies Slightly depending on your Choices.

A very important consideration when looking for a home lot is our structure’s passive solar design.  In order to be their most efficient, these homes must have their designated wall facing true south, and with enough room to have their passive solar design work best.

We currently have the Dogtrot Mod priced as follows: $32,000
This includes:

  • Design Documents
  • Structural Insulated Panels for roof and walls

Total square footage is:
Main Area: 1092 gsf
Guest Area: 413 gsf t
Total: 1505 gsf o

Outdoor spaces (deck and covered porch): 537 gsf

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Q. What is SIPs and why are they Green?
A. SIPs stands for Structural Insulated Panels.

When I first started looking into creating affordable kit homes, I explored metal buildings. Their cost was comprable to what I am offering with SIPs except that my customers would then have to add insulation themselves, adding on thousands of dollars to what they had already purchased as a kit. SIPs resolves the insulation issue, affordably.

And SIPs is green in many ways! The raw materials in our SIPs have low energy requirements to make them. The structural skins of our SIPs are made from renewable controlled growth wood resources. For years and years these structures will save fuel used for heating and cooling. The resulting pollutants from burning fuels like natural gas, oil and coal are dramatically reduced. The environment is then spared the contributing "green house" effect of burning additional fuels that conventionally built structures require.

Contact me and I will be happy to tell you more. : )